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Consider some of these inventive and state-of-the-art alternatives!



A Beautiful Alternative to Downspouts

Rain chains are the newest functional and decorative element homeowners are using to add personality and style to their homes. Rain chains originated in Japan over 100 years ago their use is a part of the practice of “Feng Shui” and bring about positive energy to any outdoor space.

Rain chains are a chain or cups that act as a downspout that water is channeled over and through. The bottom of the rain chain is connected to a base consisting typically of heavy copper, secured to an anchor embedded into the ground surrounded by river rock.

Homeowners that wish to live a more sustainable lifestyle also use rain chains to channel water into rain barrels. It is a fun and exciting way to practice water conservation. Rain chains also add a great feeling of serenity upon listening to the sounds of the water passing over the rain chains.

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Part of a Classic Gutter System


If you are looking for an “upscale” gutter system collector heads provide that additional decorative value.

Collector heads (a.k.a. leader heads, collector boxes, etc.) function as an
overflow for water and ice buildup. In long runs they allow air to get into the conductor to prevent a vacuum from forming keeping the water flowing effectively.


They are easily mounted on brick or stone using mortar plugs or on wood using stainless steel screws.

Triangle Installation Service has many conductor heads from which to choose.

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​Above Ground Drainage

Typically used for commercial applications, we install these systems for existing residential homes, adding instant drainage solutions where needed.

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​Prevent Water Intrusion

An angled piece of trim that's placed under your shingles and down the gutter to further prevent wood rot.  If you have a flatter-pitched rooftop, we would recommend this addition.

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